Friday, September 11, 2015

Tribute in Light

Today as the sky over New York City is illuminated by the Tribute in Light on the 9/11 Memorial site, we honor and remember our heroes.

The survivors, the fallen, those who served and all the friends and families affected in the wake of this tragedy - not just that day but through the years and hopefully all the learnings. 

Many around the world watched and were touched too on that memorable day 14 years ago. 

Although we were back home in the Philippines then #TeamWoaWomen had an aunt/sister and cousin/niece in the city on that fateful day. We were all spared when they finally made it home late that evening. 

The illuminated memorial reaches four miles into the sky and is visible within a 60-mile radius on a clear night.

As we see it out our windows tonight, we imagine it beaming with all our healing love and prayers.

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