Friday, June 24, 2016

sad for the UK, sad for the EU

In a world that is ever growing and expanding, the recent outcome of the BrEXIT vote stuns and saddens us here at wonder | wander | world. 

As a major player in the world stage Britain is looked upon as a leader and therefore judged accordingly. 

London is a major financial gateway, the biggest and busiest in Europe, rivaling Wall Street as a hub of international trading in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. 

It is also the current home of half of wonder | wander | women who believe that in an ever expanding world, not being inclusive is coming from lack. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Our special find for Father's Day!

The Classic Bomber Jacket by Vintage Black Label, now available exclusively at 188 Galerie.

Available in store at 188 Galerie

Read all about the history and influence of this iconic counter culture garment as recounted in their latest blog.

VBL : Japanese Bomber Jackets


Rolling Stones 50 book image

From vintage collections to high fashion houses, this garment has been reinterpreted in countless imaginative versions through the years. 

Bomber jackets have evolved from standard issue classics to the wardrobe staple of our current closets. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

ERIS: The Radical Feminine

“Unlike Mars who will fight to impose, Eris fights to expose.”

The Goddess Eris, art by Mystic Mamma

Eris embodies the dark and feared feminine which rises up to reclaim her place in a world long fractured by patriarchal power. Eris is the catalytic revolution within and without. 

On 5th January 2005 the dwarf planet Eris stepped onto the astrological stage to shake things up like never before. 

“As she prepares for a formative conjunction with Uranus (June 2016 – March 2017), we need our eyes wide open and hearts to match, ready for anything, fierce as they come and focused enough to do what we must.” ~ Sarah Varcas