Saturday, June 9, 2018

collaborative art

wonder | wander | world is currently working on a project close to our hearts and our homeland roots - the long lost mystical babaylans of Negros Island

Mahala's Art

wonder | wander | women are collaborating on a joint project we are thrilled to be venturing into. Issa is writing the story and Mahala is illustrating it.

Research has been challenging since our history originated in oral traditions and practice handed down through the ages. Once we our colonizers arrived they did their utmost best in eradicating our animistic practice and replacing it with their own beliefs. 

Leaving us with scant material on the subject. Luckily we are not easily intimidated. What is not available in our Philippine archives we find further back is shared roots of from our neighbors and outlying lineages. 

Missing pieces can be woven into a morphing tale of historical fiction - part myth and legend, part tales of and from our ancestors. 

It feeds our spirits and fulfills our need to tell this tale. 

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