Monday, February 26, 2018

behind closed doors - an obsession

Some artists have a 'default setting': something they end up drawing over and over through their lifetimes. It's an instinct when the mind goes blank, when doodling idly or when struggling with mental blocks. Some artists draw girls with long hair, strange creatures, spaceships. I draw doors.

Something about the mystery of a closed door attracts me. Here is so much personality and character, but who lives here? Is anyone even home?

I 'collect' doors from all over the world, taking pictures wherever I go: Italy, Spain, Thailand.

Hindu temple, Jersey City

Basilico doors, Florence

Iglesia doors, Florence

And of course from where we live!

Union City, NJ

Islington, London

Drawing the doors I have visited helps me relive the trip. The slow process of drawing and painting brings up memories of the visit, what we were doing when I found the door, how that day went for us.

Where did I take this picture? From a gondola in Venice, or a walking tour in Chiangmai?

Who was I with? Family, friends, a local guide? Did I happen by the door on my own or was it presented to me by someone who knew my obsession?

How was the trip? What did we do? Was the door part of a landmark, a tourist attraction like the doors of the Duomo in Florence or the Singapore Flyer? Did I sketch it on the spot or take picture or just draw it from memory?

An artistic motif reveals a lot about the artist. The doors I draw tell you who I am, where I've been, where I want to go. We hope they inspire you to find your own art adventure.

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