Friday, October 20, 2017

healing with sound

This week wonder |  wander | world pick of the week is a certification program we are enrolled in at the Open Center in New York City. The Integrative Sound and Music Institute Certificate Program

The Integrative Sound and Music Institute certificate program is a comprehensive, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and highly experiential approach to the study of sound, music, and voice and their powerful effect on the human organism.

Students engage in in-depth study of the therapeutic power of sound and music to transform consciousness and improve well-being. Workshops in this training offer methods and strategies to integrate the sound healing systems taught into a healing practice, including practical applications for professional settings, or for professional enrichment.

  • The therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from Western scientific, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic belief systems.
  • How sound has been used to affect human consciousness.
  • The intersection of art, science, spirituality, and sound.
  • How sound can make subtle but profound positive changes to the body.
  • How instruments and recordings can introduce you to higher states of consciousness.
  • The inherent mystical phenomenon of sound.
  • The latest applications of sound in the field of medicine.
  • That we are all vibrational beings: The universe itself is vibrating, and through the careful and conscious use of sound we can tune ourselves to be in greater harmony with that vibration.
  • How to develop a plan to build a healing practice.

We are eager and excited to get started! And we'll be sure to keep yu posted.

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