Friday, May 12, 2017

Mental Health Awareness Week

The brief outlined points on mental health in the workplace, and how even the most outwardly functional people struggle with it in their daily lives.

Social Interaction in the Workplace: The ocean waves grew out of the idea of the 'water cooler' conversation which is an unspoken ritual for workplace bonding. Anxiety can magnify the potential social pitfalls of leaving the safe nest of solitary work at a cubicle and attempting to find common ground with new workmates.

A story on how OCD can feed anxiety and depression.

A personal account of trichotillomania, a condition where the sufferer compulsively plucks out their own hair.

The author shared her story of her grief after the death of her mother.

Depression/Anxiety: The person discussed the issue of maintaining an seemingly functional life while struggling against chronic anxiety and depression.

Contamination OCD: In the words of the storyteller: 'It's not about germophobia or the fear of being ill - it's about stopping the fear and feeling in control.'

We were honoured to be chosen for this project and proud to be part of this campaign.

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