Friday, March 10, 2017

Oei Katsushika : artist, daughter, Hokusai's keeper of secrets

We just celebrated International Women's Day [last March 8] and head into our month long observance of Women's History Month.

Here at wonder | wander | world we are focusing our continued gaze on art in general and women in particular.

Father-Daughter Collaboration

Especially in this one particular case, these famous words of Virginia Woolf, another accomplished artist, is all too true and quite sad.

We offer you the rare and unique O-Ei Katsushika Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter, and secret collaborator on many works of her famous father, Hokusai

Hokusai Assisted by His Daughter Oei as a Merchant 
Tabulates the Year-end Account

"Strange mission, looking for a woman painter whose name meant “Hey, you!” - who almost never signed her work, was briefly famous, and then disappeared - one hundred and fifty years ago. Another country, another language, another century."  Katherine Govier, The Printmaker's Daughter

Oei plunges us into the colorful world 
of nineteenth-century Edo, Japan

To times changing for the better! 

We need to bring these women out of the shadowed past and shine their light in our world today. 

BONUS: Hokusai Exhibit at the British Museum

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