Friday, November 11, 2016

on pins & needles

This week's pick on wonder | wander | world is Refinery 29. whose mission is to be the #1 new-media brand for smart, creative and stylish women everywhere.

The corporation is a female centered digital media company providing inspiration and tools to discover and pursue a more independent, stylish, and informed life for the empowered female of today.

This is something Team WWWomen can thoroughly get on board with. Given the current state of affairs in the world today, we are grateful for any help and support available to us.

In particular, we wish to highlight a recent trend R29 featured - the safety pin as symbol of protest.

"The safety pin is a variation of the regular pin which includes a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. The clasp serves two purposes: to form a closed loop thereby properly fastening the pin to whatever it is applied to, and to cover the end of the pin to protect the user from the sharp point." ~

Read the full article here: Americans Are Wearing Protest Safety Pins

Be safe, hold in place, and let the sunshine in!

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