Friday, August 5, 2016

marking time | making a mark | remarkable timing

Unbelievably, yet another year has come and gone for both wonder | wander | women and wonder | wander | world. We find ourselves belatedly celebrating our second anniversary of writing about what we love and what sustains us.

We created a spanking brand new logo!

As we did last year, we celebrate the occasion with grateful appreciation for a fulfilling fun filled year of productive creativity. Thank you for coming along on this adventure with us! 

Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Island, Philippines

London Skyline

NYC Skyline

A little over a year later and over 300,000 plus views, we are in awe at how much we covered in so short a span. Thank you! Thank you! All you wonderful YOUs! We would not have made it here without you. 

Inspiration and influence continue to be a great part of our blogs. We are proud to have a record of experiences that have greatly impacted our art, writing, and lives. 

Here's a quick scan of our most popular posts and tributes of our favorite icons and motivators. Here are our standouts.

Feasts for our senses: 

Our lost heroes: 

Home is where the heart is and here is where our hearts lie. Thank you for enjoying this with us! 

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