Saturday, July 9, 2016

art of the five senses

With summer upon us wonder | wonder | world celebrates the sunshine with food and feasting! This week we feature the Japanese fine food art of wagashi

Traditional Japanese Wagashi

Wagashi are traditional Japanese cakes known also as art of the five senses. With their beautiful design, delicate sweetness, and pleasant taste they offer layer-upon-layer of enjoyment.

Japanese wagashi artisan

One by one, each little cake sets a seasonal scene - fish swimming in a clear stream; an atrium of stars shining in the night sky, a sparkling sunlit shore, and other delicate flights of fancy. 

Store bought wagashi

While the skill of wagashi craftsmen has been handed down throughout the ages and is much cherished, wagashi have also risen to provide shining examples of new challenges, undaunted by changing eras and preferences.

Green Tea Wagashi

Cherry Blossom Wagashi

Incorporating techniques and ingredients from Western cake-making has proved a breath of fresh air in the creation of new wagashi and inspired further development of the craft. 

Wagashi Trio

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