Friday, May 27, 2016

Panganod, redux

One of the best perks of flying home half way around the world is all the time air borne and all the views outside the airplane window from so high above.

Of all the views available so high up, at wonder | wander | world we love the clouds.

Whatever is distinctive in their physical form, substantial structure, or process of formation - even for nerdy science buffs and fact accumulators like us - it is their ethereal corpulence that fascinates and captivates. 

Whether high, medium or low in vertical height or ├ętage; whether cirriform, stratocumuliform or stratiform in genera; whether cirrus, cirrocumulus or cirrostratus in genus - labels and classifications matter little when each can take our breath away and astound us so absolutely. 

Whichever type, species, variety or combination - clouds enthrall and thrill us.

We never tire of them. They constantly feed our spirit.

One day we'll fly away. . . .again.

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