Thursday, November 19, 2015

solidarité symbol

Ever wonder about the origin of the "Peace for Paris" symbol that has gone viral in the wake of the recent bombing tragedy?

Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien - 14 Nov 2015

Here at wonder | wander | world we did. Especially since we adopted it as our own - to express our feelings and our hope.

Photo Credit: @olanrivain

"[A]n image with a message of peace has emerged amid the darkness and gone viral. It's simple, haunting, and has served as a tool for people across the globe to express solidarity. It has been shared across social media, displayed at vigils, and even scrawled on concrete in public spaces." ~ Fast Company, The Making of an Icon 

Xaume Olleros/Getty Images

"In the wake of tragedy, art can provide a powerful way to express the complex emotions we often feel. After the coordinated terror attacks on Paris, French illustrator Jean Jullien reacted instinctively, with images rather than words. This was almost instantaneous, and about a minute after hearing the news, he created a now-iconic illustration: a peace sign with the Eiffel tower, rendered quickly with a brush and ink." ~ My Modern Met, Behind the "Peace for Paris" Symbol

James Glossop/WPA Pool/Getty Images

“It was a raw reaction. It was the only thing I could think of doing and my way of expressing to all of my loved ones in Paris... I was thinking about them.” ~ Jean Jullien 

The popularity of this illustration demonstrates the important role that art plays in our lives. Images are often universal - we do not need to know the language to grasp the meaning of a graphic image. 

It expresses the words we may be unable to articulate. Jullien’s Peace for Paris says so much with its simplicity, directness, and stark lines. 

It captures everything - simultaneously communicating the fear, hope, and spirit that is still alive in the wake of this tragic event. 

Vive solidarité! indeed. 

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