Friday, August 14, 2015

under a copious canopy

The Perseids - an annual meteor shower that greets us at the end of each summer - are here on August 12 and 13. 

2010 Perseids David Kingham

This year is especially auspicious because  for the two nights when the Perseids will be falling the thickest we have a new moon [on August 13]. This gives us almost complete darkness against which to watch this meteor shower. 

Moonlight isn't the only obstacle either - there is cloud cover as well as city lights, buildings or even trees. 

2010 Perseids Michael Menefee

This particular meteor shower was bright enough and bold enough that even a quick trip to your own backyard or rooftop is likely to yield at least something to be seen. 

Of course nothing beats being out in nature, preferably high up in some secluded mountain aerie. 

2010 Perseids / ESO, Chile

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