Friday, June 19, 2015

dwindling desecrated destinations

Travel is a matter close to our hearts - it feeds our spirits here at wonder | wander | world.

Increased mobility and tech tools can lull and dull us to the magic and mystery of traveling to other destinations and experiencing fresh and strange delights.

A recent article by a perceptive daughter of close friends has brought up this recurring rub and reminds us to love, honor and respect all with closer attention to the wake we make.

Here is a sampling of some of her hopeful wishes:
  • I wish only that we saw visits to communities as a person-to-person exchange. 
  • I wish we appreciated more the time our guides spend with us - especially when they could be working the fields, raising their own set of kids and pigs. 
  • I wish we regarded our homestays less like hotel rooms we can pay to trash and more like homes. i.e. go home with your own damn garbage and don't vandalize - don't call them lazy either. 
"[A]s a tourist, I have grown so aware of the impact I have on the communities I visit. When I cause a stir by not having the sensitivity to inquire about the ways of the people, I go home blissfully ignorant thinking that I had the best trip ever. Meanwhile, I leave the people I have stirred to face the consequences of my actions alone. We take our fond memories home with us and in exchange, we leave headaches for people to deal with." ~ Nash Tysmans 

As more and more go virtual in a shrinking world it is easy to forget and ignore what matters more.

Don't be an entitled brat.

Take a breath. Slow down.

Imbibe. Immerse.

Get attuned and connect.

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