Sunday, April 19, 2015

alternate reality at its best : My Modern Met

Welcome another fave of ours - My Modern Met

Early in our wonder | wander | women Facebook and Pinterest history we scoured sites for inspiration and revelation. 

We quickly drew on a list of regular favorites - from the gargantuan Colossal to quirky chic Messy Nessy - from the elegant timelessness of  This Is Paper to the mind boggling machinations of Brain Pickings

Another early favorite that we'd now wish to acknowledge as well is My Modern Met - an alternate reality where art enthusiasts and trend spotters connect over creative ideas

As stated on their ABOUT page: 

"We're most proud of the fact that, we're not just exposing new people to incredible artwork, but that we're helping artists' careers along the way. Nothing brings us greater joy than hearing about how an artist's life has somehow changed after being featured on My Modern Met. If there's one post that signifies what My Modern Met is all about it's called Grandma's Superhero Therapy.

Their big heart is surpassed by their humongous talent at curating standout art that is thought provoking, uplifting and life enhancing.

Kudos and congratulations to My Modern Met!

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