Tuesday, October 7, 2014

on the topic of books: Brain Pickings

Illustrating a children's book, especially one with shades of autobiography, presents a unique window into a writer's mind. We can see the things they love and look back on, and maybe confront our own self-doubt. Maybe it's our chance to try art that is new and challenging, to us as well as readers.

On the topic of illustrated children's books, we were reminded of one of our favourite blogs: Brain Pickings.

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Brain Pickings is the blog of writer Maria Popova, collecting inspirations, reflections, and creative processes from the world's greatest minds. The blog often features unusual, lesser-known, or especially beautiful illustrated books. Read their retrospective of Alice in Wonderland illustrators, or this child-friendly primer on how babies are made, for examples of Brain Pickings's eclectic taste.

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