Friday, June 27, 2014

inspiration file: doors

As we go on various trips we have been collecting pictures of doors. There is a symmetry and potential to doors that call to us all. 

Doors provide a touch of local colour and personality. Some are from places we love to visit and neighbourhood landmarks.

Chalkboard sliding doors in Kate's Paperie, with art by Carolina Ro
The Hudson Presbyterian Church
Empty building, formerly The Hudson Trust
Jewish Community Center of North Hudson
Swaaminarayan World Organization, Jersey City
Some of these doors aren't necessarily artistic or unique but they are significant and memorable to us.

It's been said, "When one door closes, another opens". Whether doors signify loss or revelation, endings or beginnings, these portals portend progress.

Rockefeller's Tomb, from our visit to Sleepy Hollow
Another tomb from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
We have all had moments where a door opens and allows us to step into our future.

Life offers many thresholds to cross. 

Doors of opportunity leading to who knows where.

Pregnant with possibility and potential.

Occasionally a detail will surprise us, and we put that in our inspiration file too.

Happy trails to all! 

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